Social Networking: How I See It

With a hat-tip to You Too, Can Be A Guru’s post, I decided to make a post explaining the breakdown of all the online networks I use and what I post on each. Like @YouTooCanBeGuru writes, each social network has a different intimacy level and privacy setting for me. Here’s a text version of my Pyramid, going from most open to most intimate:

Twitter. As of late, this has become the catch-all for anything I post or re-post on the internet. At this point 95% of it is posts that have come in from Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare, Instagram, and Donate Your Account. If you have no clue who I am, or we have never met, this is the first place you’ll want to reach out to me. 100% public, and since my mom checks it everyday, it’s pretty generic.

Google+. I’m very rarely on here. Eventually I’ll find a way to use this on a regular basis.

Foursquare. I used to be so addicted to this when it’s focus was a game. Now that the company has matured and their goal is more of an information center for local venues, I’ll be using this much less at this point. It does show my location though, and on some level that’s giving the world information about my daily routine.

LinkedIn. This is only two things to me: a Rolodex and my online resume. I post on here occasionally, but I really only use it to build my professional side.

Instagram. Now we’re getting a little closer to getting inside my head. It’s public, but I don’t post a ton (as of right now anyways!). I’m working on incorporating this more into my daily life.

Tumblr. Still a public blog, but the longer you follow me, the more you’ll get insight to where my interests are. I use Tumblr mostly to re-blog, but to also post personal updates when I don’t want a 140 character limit. I love re-blogging art inspired by my favorite shows or things I look forward to in my life, or fashion I aspire to wear. This is the most public place where my inner thoughts are published, and there’s almost no political content on my Tumblr.

Facebook. Once upon a time this was my most open network, and I added people willy-nilly. Over time I’ve come to define my Facebook as a place to record events in my life, and as my main messaging medium for friends and personal connections. I now try to keep the highest privacy settings on, and the only public things I post are the articles I share from my Feedly. I’m becoming increasingly stricter on who I allow on my friends list and everyone will need to earn to right to my accepting their friend request (and staying on my friends list!). This is where I will post the most personal updates, and where I feel the most comfortable sharing the things that are the most important to me.

And that’s all he networks that I post or check on any sort of regular basis.

The further down this list that I add or follow someone on, the deeper of a connection I feel with them. The only thing that I don’t post on any of these are “NSFW” category stuff, for which I have a completely alternate online identity for, and which is not connected in any way to my name. I even keep 95% of my alcohol related posts to that other person, since too many people have made judgements on that.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lukas A. Condie


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