My Travels: Hampton Inn Providence, RI

Sign at the entrance to HamptonSign at the entrance to Hampton

What led me to this Hampton?

This was still at the beginning of my travel life. I had only Silver Status as a Hilton Honors member, so I knew the “focused service” level brands were going to be my first stepping stones. I wasn’t ready to shoulder additional costs for breakfast and whatnot at the time I was in Providence. Two of Hampton’s signature brand benefits are free hot breakfast, and free WiFi.

This particular Hampton does not offer free parking, but I’m in the middle of a known US city – parking typically isn’t free when you are at this level of urban. I’m always mystified by people who think they can get free parking in a hotel with a hot location. (A regular complaint at both hotels I worked at.)

My other choices at the time were Hilton Garden Inn, or flagship Hilton, both of which would have netted me an extra cost for breakfast on top of my room rate and parking. (In hindsight: parking is cheaper at both of those options, so that could have offset my costs. Location would have been another thing to consider. Forgive me, this was still early in my travel experience!)

The number one thing that drew me here though: the coveted #1 spot on the TripAdvisor rankings (sorted by traveler ranking). I will say, this hotel has been endorsed by The New York Times.

From my TripAdvisor Review:

There’s a good reason why this hotel is rated in the top of Providence – it’s quality is superb! The hotel is an older building, so the history really gets to shine through, but Hampton’s standards are clearly present.

Erin was warm & welcoming – and granted me the PRIVILEGE of a 2 PM check in (typically starts at 4 PM), and was helpful with some of my area questions.

Valet was a little overwhelmed on Saturday night, but pleasant during the rest of my stay. The secret behind the $28/night cost is making sure to take advantage of the shuttle (which is by appointment). For the most part, I kept my car secured on property and took the shuttle where I needed to go.

Bob the shuttle driver in particular is super friendly, knowledgeable, and great to chat with. Alisha was another fine example of hospitality – welcomed me back in the evenings and also wonderful to talk with!

Historic letterbox inside the building.Historic letterbox inside the building.
Mail drop on the 6th floor.Mail drop on the 6th floor.

Hampton offers free hot breakfast which always great, and they do rotate out meat selections from day to day.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lukas Condie


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