My Travels: The Mobley Hotel; Cisco, TX

My time in Texas has brought me to the place where Hilton Hotels first began: the old Mobley Hotel in rural Cisco, TX.

I’ll start with the Mobley Website, which can be found here.

In 1919, Conrad Hilton made his way to Cisco to purchase a bank. That transaction failed because the seller changed the price last minute and Conrad failed to get his foot in the banking industry. He went across the street to the Mobley to “lick his wounds” and plan what his next move was going to be. When he arrived, he found that the Mobley was insanely crowded – lodging options were sparse to non-existent in that moment in time. Conrad was turned away at the front desk – they told him that all rooms were rented and that he would have to come back in 8 hours.

The Mobley was in such demand that it filled every room for guests to sleep in every 8 hours, and people would rotate out in shifts to sleep. Conrad sensed an opportunity and spoke with the hotel manager, Henry Lanford Mobley. By the next day, Conrad had purchased the hotel instead of the bank he originally came to Cisco to buy. Business was absolutely booming. Shortly after his success with the Mobley, Conrad went on to purchase a string of other hotels, across Texas, then across the United States, and eventually across the world.

The Mobley changed hands a few times after Conrad was forced to sell it. Eventually it fell under the jurisdiction of the University of Houston (which is where Conrad Hilton established a school for Hotel Management). The University of Houston, along with the Conrad Hilton Foundation put a staff in place to run the Mobley as a museum dedicated to both the history of Mr. Conrad Hilton and the city of Cisco. The building was completely renovated internally in 1985, with some upkeep over the years; most famously when Hilton sent in a volunteer team to re-paint and fix a few things up in 2017 to prepare for Hilton’s 100 year anniversary.

Here’s a sampling of the photos I took during my visit:

Photos of photos don’t really do the place justice. It is absolutely worthwhile to visit the Mobley, in fact the current curator confirmed my suspicion that several current (and possible former) Hilton team members have been making pilgrimages to the Mobley, just as I did.

Here’s to the next adventure!

Respectfully Submitted,

Lukas Condie

My Travels: DoubleTree Atlanta Northlake

My 4th stop in moving from Vermont to Texas was in Atlanta. (My 3rd stop was spent with family in South Carolina.) While I’ve technically been at the airport here, I’ve never properly explored the city of Atlanta.

Two big figures in Gay Culture who call Atlanta Home are Violet Chachki and Johnny Rapid. Man, what a dream it would have been to meet Johnny Rapid. These days he’s planning to open his own auto repair shop, and perhaps I’ll take my car to him someday.

Once again, I tried to take a photo similar to the promotional image of the time.
It’s funny how I was there on the last week before the hotel was set to begin a multi-million dollar renovation.

The restaurant in this particular DoubleTree was one of three Marlow’s Taverns. (Click the photos below for their website)

My first drink after driving in Atlanta: The “Blueberry Buck”
Dinner was a French Dip.
And topped off with a “New Fashioned”
Welcome to the top floor!
King bedroom.
TV, Chest of Drawers, and desk.
The perks of Hilton Honors.
I was impressed that this DoubleTree offered so many bathroom amenities.
I sat on the other side of this waterfall for breakfast.

While my time in Atlanta proved to be uneventful, it was ok. I had been traveling across the country for 4 days at that point and the biggest moment was still yet to come.

I’ll be back again to truly see Atlanta again someday!

Respectfully Submitted,

Lukas Condie

My Travels: Hilton University Of Houston, TX

In an effort to add more content to my website, this is going to be mostly photos for now.

The website for the Hilton at University Of Houston can be found here.

Entrance to the hotel.
Entrance to the hotel.
Hotel Lobby.
This is the Hilton-History inspired lobby of the hotel. Images of Conrad Hilton and Hilton President & CEO Chris Nassetta are abound.
Sitting area across from front desk.
A Conrad Hilton quote greets anyone who goes to the front desk.
King Bed
View of the room with 1 king bed. Fairly chic for a hotel that hasn’t been upgraded in a while.
King Bed
View of the room with 1 king bed. Fairly chic for a hotel that hasn’t been upgraded in a while.
Bathroom entrance
Narrow bathroom entrance
Standing shower, large well lit makeup mirror, and bathroom amenities.
Bathroom amenities
Flagship Hilton formerly carried Pater Thomas Roth bathroom amenities, but no longer does. This was one of the more generous offerings of bathroom amenities in my travels.
Welcome card
This Hilton had a welcome card from the General Manager that included his picture.
Hilton Honors Welcome Bag
Hilton Honors Members get 2 bottles of water, a pack of nuts, 2 small chocolate bites.
View of the campus from the room.
View of the campus from the room.
View of the campus from the room.
View of the campus from the room.


Eric's Restaurant
The restaurant on site is named for Eric Hilton.
View of the campus from Eric's Restaurant
View of the campus from Eric’s Restaurant
Drink with dinner at Eric’s.
Dinner at Eric’s Restaurant.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lukas Condie