My Inspirations: Kai Hiwatari


Who is Kai Hiwatari?

Kai Hiwatari is one of the four central characters on the original three seasons of the TV anime, Beyblade. Beyblade is the millennia old game of spinning tops, and the twist in the anime is that the tops are possessed by sacred spirits which make the tops incredibly powerful.

Kai started out as the villain of the series, as the leader of a gang called the Blade Sharks. He is defeated by Tyson (the central protagonist) early on and Kai goes on to lead the central character team, The Bladebreakers.

As a child, Kai was born and raised in a Russian Abbey, where his grandfather trained him as a foot solider in his plan for world domination. Kai was never shown affection or love as a kid, and he comes off as aloof and cold to most people who meet him. Kai uses the Dranzer Beyblade, possessed by the spirit of a phoenix based on the real-life Kyoto legend of Suzaku.


How did I discover Kai?

I was a huge fan of the show while I was in high school and my early years at Parkside. My interest in Kai and everything about him bordered on idolization. Kai doesn’t speak much over the course of the series, but what little he did say I used as my mantras in life and how I saw the world.

“You can dream all you want but when you wake up, you’ll find that nothing has changed. The only way to make those dreams come true is to dedicate your entire life to your sport.”

This is the quote in my senior high school yearbook under my photo. I still believe in this.

When I first started watching, Kai very strongly reminded me of Archie Costello from The Chocolate War, which I had read the year prior to first watching Beyblade.

How does Kai inspire me?

Kai goes through quite a bit of evolution over the course of the three seasons. As I saw him evolve into a better person on TV, I tried to emulate that and grow for myself. Kai eventually confronts his past and deals with his inner demons. While I didn’t feel like I had inner demons to confront, I still used Kai’s struggle and his quest for strength and growth to fuel my own desire to “grow up.”


Kai is shown on the series to be a loner and an introvert. Kai spends as much time as possible on his own, practicing his skills and making himself stronger. Since I was idolizing Kai during the most crucial time in my own development, I picked up habits that I saw Kai doing on TV. It’s because of Kai that I identify myself as a loner/introvert, and my mind has shaped itself to function that way. Kai is at his happiest when he is alone, and I have psychologically grown to accept that trait about myself.


Kai is one of the most popular characters on the original series of Beyblade, and much of the public interest in him stems from his “cool” factor. Kai looks the most appealing of the characters, his few sayings are particularly witty, and he gives off the vibe that he can never lose, which everyone wishes they could say.


I’ve also found myself drawn to the Beyblade gear that Kai uses over the series as well. Back in those days, I would get incredibly excited whenever the next incarnation of Kai’s Dranzer would appear in stores. To a minor extent, it’s a hat-tip to my Power Ranger days when I’d get super excited about the next Megazord appearing in stores.

The two incarnations of Dranzer that I loved most of all were Dranzer V2 and Dranzer G, both of which appeared in 2004. This interest in “the latest gear” has translated over to my interest in technology. Getting the iPhone 6 that year was like getting Dranzer V2/G all over again.


Pictured above: Dranzer V2 (Volcano II).


Pictured above: Dranzer G. (Gigus) Also known as “what would have been my iPhone in 2004.”

When I went to Parkside, I made a pact with myself to grow beyond what Kai had taught me. Over the past several years, I’ve found new people and characters to look up to and model myself after, but Kai was one of the first. There are parts of him that I still look up to, and identify with, and I’ll probably have that forever.


Thanks Kai, for being an inspiration!

Respectfully Submitted,

Lukas Condie

11 thoughts on “My Inspirations: Kai Hiwatari”

  1. You missed the part when after so much hardwork and practice during the two season’s and after nearly crushing tyson out of the championship in the third part, he is brutally and easily broken by Brooklyn. It is really frustrating to be defeated like an amature after working so hard and going that near to perfection.. But he didn’t give up.. He came back, the 2nd battle with Brooklyn was not easy… But he stood strong and gave his everything… And won. I learnt that no matter if I get the result I want or not but I have to work harder and harder and harder until my death.

  2. I am an introvert just like Kai and i don’t really have friends as well but he has tyson and blade breakers to hang out with and i don’t have that kind of friends i wish i did and he works hard as well i wish i could copy his type of hard work into my life as well. I am not that witty like he is i wish i was and i wish i had his aloof personality but not as much as his.

  3. I know why, but I m not made to make friends. I tried to speak to people, but ended up ridiculing myself. When I discovered kai, thought that I should change myself and become cold and aloof. This brought me out of the depression and helped me cope with loneliness. Thank you kai

  4. Yes, i truely believe kai is THE best and the most powerful character in the series. I learnt so much from him Thank you Kai.
    Kai works so hard and he is the winner. Tyson beats kai only because he is the protogonaist. tyson never worked as hard as kai. You are the winner kai..forever.

  5. I love Kai he is my inspiration as well as my strength .I am also an introvert but still I speak to my classmates if there is some work

  6. I’m also a big fan of Kai hiwatari he is my first and last inspiration just want to be like him I can’t understand how Tyson is on the top Kai should be on the top no one else can defeat Kai 😍😍😍

  7. “The only person who’ll decide my fate is me! Nobody else!”
    Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love.


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